Siu Kee Duck House 趙記燒臘


Our Specialty :

Roast Duck 名爐燒鴨

Pe Pa Roast duck 骨香琵琶鴨

Chinese Marinade Sauce Duck 滷水鴨

Chinese Marinade Sauce Beef Steak 滷水牛展 

Chinese Marinade Sauce Beef tendon 滷水牛孖筋

Chinese Marinade Sauce duck Feet 滷水鴨腳

Scallion Chicken 葱油雞

Soy Sauce chicken 玫瑰油雞

Roast Pig 化皮金猪

Honey BBQ Pork 蜜汁义燒

Honey BBQ Spare Ribs 蜜汁燒排骨

Honey BBQ Chicken Wing 蜜汁燒雞翼

Sweet & Sour Ginger Pork Leg 秘製豬腳姜

Special Lunch Box

Roast Duck with White Rice 燒鴨飯

Soy Sauce Chicken with White Rice 油雞飯

Roast Pork with White Rice 燒肉飯

Honey BBQ Pork with White Rice 义燒飯

Any 2 choices of Meat with White Rice 雙拼飯

Any 3 choices of Meat with White Rice 三拼飯


Items based on availability. Menu subject to change without notice.

Open everyday from 9:00 am to 7:30pm

Siu Kee Duck House

111 North 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
 (215) 922-3075

All Orders Carry-out Only.

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